New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz gets it done on and off the field. When he's not making defenders look silly and salsa dancing in the end zone, he's one of the most notable sneaker personalities in professional sports, which means he has a massive footwear collection and his own signature Nike Sportwear model. To house his pairs, Cruz has a custom buildout at his home in New Jersey, and our own Joe La Puma got a chance to check it out in this episode of Complex Closets.

Cruz's sneaker stash is diverse and includes everything from Nike Sock Darts to Air Tech Challenges and Huarches. There are also a few pairs of Jordans — most notably the "OVO" Xs and "Oregon" Vs, IIIs, and IVs — that collectors are thirsting to get in their possession.

Check out the rest of the episode above to see what else Cruz has in his sneaker assortment as well as to get a look at the upcoming Air Trainer Cruz.