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Kevin Plank doesn't like Nike.

In a recent article by Inc. which reported on an Plank's Interview with Fast Money Halftime Report's Scott Wapner,  the Under Armour founder and chief executive officer was quoted saying, "You're right. I don't like my competition. At all." Plank's Under Armour has been making great strides in the sneaker game and has become a legitimate contender in the footwear arena benefiting greatly from the best player in the NBA right now, Stephen Curry, rocking its kicks. But Plank isn't content with competing. He wants that top spot going as far as saying "They [Nike] don't play fair. They never do. But you know what? We're about to be number one."

UA's efforts to compete with Nike have been well-documented and if its relatively quick rise to relevancy is any indication of Plank's passion, it might not be too long before Under Armour is knocking at Nike's door. Don't sleep, Swoosh. To read the rest of the article and about some of Plank's current efforts, head over to Inc. now.