Bruh, what is going on over at Skechers?

One day, it looks like the brand is making serious strides to becoming a top contender in the footwear industry. Next, it's dropping blatant rip-offs of popular sneakers that can only be described as utterly offensive. Apparently, not even lawsuits are enough to stop the brand's biting ways, as Nice Kicks has just found a new model that somehow manages to ape Nike's Flyknit tech and adidas Boost in the very same sneaker.

Known as the Energy Burst — c'mon fam, who do you really think you're fooling with that name? — this abysmal sneaker features a "unique flat knit mesh one piece fabric upper," which, to be honest, isn't unique at all, and a "Burst Compound midsole with superior impact cushioning protection and remarkable energy return." From the sounds of this, Skechers has not only ripped off the look of adidas Boost, but it's gone as far as to steal the marketing, too.

Take a look at the Skechers Energy Burst side-by-side with the Nike Flyknit Air Max and adidas Pure Boost below, and if for some reason you're feeling really brave, head over to the Skechers site to check them out for yourself.