Any time that The Coveteur profiles a sneakerhead, you know it's going to be good, but the site's Ronnie Fieg feature may be its best yet.

The Kith founder recently sat down with The Coveteur team to dish on everything from collecting and shopping habits to his favorite sneakers and sharing closet space with his girlfriend. 

"Collecting something you're passionate about transforms into something much more significant than a hobby in my opinion," Fieg said of his long-time interest. "This obsession turned into my life and eventually what I do for a living."

As he's matured, Fieg's tastes and shopping habits have become more refined, too, and living with his girlfriend has forced him to be more selective with purchases. "My mentality now is that anything I purchase has to be timeless. I have to be able to get years and years of usage out of it," he said.

Meanwhile, 'heads may be surprised to learn that the rarest footwear in Fieg's collection isn't a pair of sneakers, but rather a rare boot from the mid-'90s

"I own a pair of Gore-Tex Dolomite Tibet Trek Kings from 1995, which I would consider to be the rarest item I own... This pair was handmade in Italy, and has the craziest leather I've ever seen on any pair of shoes in my life," Fieg said.

You can check out a selection of the photos below, but be sure to visit The Coveteur for the full piece.