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Celebrities: They're just like us! At the Pusha T x Adidas unveiling last night, our homie at Complex Sneakers, Matt Welty, spoke to King Push about the new sneaker and a few other things. And even though his original EQT 93 Running Guidance was reminiscent of a nurse shoe, the streets were hungry and those things still sell for, like, $600-700 on eBay. These new joints are a bit tougher being murdered out and whatnot and release on November 27th for $200. But have you ever wondered what happens to a celebrity who gets a collaborative shoe when it comes to getting their own pairs? Pusha admits that if he wants a new pair of his first collab, he has to hit eBay for them and shell out the cash just like the rest of us peasants:

The honest to God truth: I have two 7s and two 11s. That’s it. And I wear a 10. Any extras I need, I buy off of eBay. I’ll pay $550-$600. My girl will pay that much, too. But it’s the game, so I don’t feel for people who don’t have them. I’ve got to buy them off eBay, too, and that’s what it is.

Maybe Pusha was super generous and laced his crew with his own personal grip from Adidas and now he's plum out. Or maybe Adidas shafted him in the first place. At least he knows it's all for the love of the sneaker game.

[Photos courtesy of Adidas]