Over the summer, NikeLab dropped a surprising sequel to the Free Inneva Woven model, but now we're learning that the original silhouette is primed for a return.

Set to drop in two blue and black colorways, these new Free Inneva Wovens boast a stripe pattern on their weave, adding a subtle detail to an otherwise clean canvas. The Free tooling retains a spotless white look, while the heel is backed by a suede counter.  

For those that aren't familiar with the O.G., it's actually one of Nike's most painstaking sneakers to make. Each pair takes up to eight hours to complete, a result of the hand woven construction. On-foot, it provides a flexible and breathable fit, which was favored by both sneakerheads and fashion circles upon its release.  

Look for these to drop sometime in April 2016 and don't be surprised if even more colorways follow. For details on Inneva Woven stockists, visit Tierzer0.com