Without question, Nick Young is one of the NBA's most notable sneakerheads. He's one of a handful of players that balls on a daily basis in serious heat, an assortment that includes Supreme Foams, an assortment of Air Jordan Retros, and even lowkey models like the Fila Grant Hill 3.

Last night, Swaggy P continued to live up to his title as NBA "Sneaker" MVP as he took to the court rocking a pair of the Nike Zoom Generation, LeBron James' debut signature model. While the shoes managed to make it through the night, it unfortunately didn't make it through today's practice. Taking to his Instagam, Young posted the pair of AZG's he rocked and the soles have completely separated from the uppers. While not as embarrassing as the situation with his "Cool Grey" Air Jordan XI Retros falling apart on court last season, Young certainly can't be pleased that another one of his sneaker gems dying on him.

Fortunately for Young, there is product, Shoe Goo perhaps, on the market that can possibly fix his 'Brons. But if not, there is the option of seeking the services of a skilled cobbler to add another set of outsoles for a truly unique pair of kicks. And if all else fails, there's always more Sneaker Shopping