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Yesterday, a story surfaced of an amazing act of kindness from Seattle Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch. In case you missed it, "Beast Mode" was picking up food from McDonald's when he started talking with a worker who was mopping the floors. The employee — 17-year-old Terrance Downs — noticed Lynch's navy blue Buscemi sneakers and mentioned that he hoped to someday own a pair. As the story goes, Lynch reached into his wallet and handed the young man $500 without missing a beat. 

Now, as if this wasn't already heart-warming enough, we're learning that Downs didn't end up spending the $500 on sneakers after all. That's because once Buscemi heard the story, it blessed Downs with the sneakers completely free of charge, but not just any old pair.

Buscemi sent Downs a pair of the "Multi-Color Elaphe" 100MMs (pictured above), which retail for a cool $1,950, capping off one of the best sneaker stories we've heard lately with a huge exclamation point.