If there's one thing Jeremy Scott knows how to do incredibly well, it's creating head turning product. And his latest adidas Wings 3 certainly fits the bill. 

The adidas Originals Wings 3, in itself, is one of the most ambitious and eye-popping sneakers ever designed. We've seen it murdered out. We've seen in all-gold. For its latest iteration, Scott gave the silhouette the full camo treatment and dubbed it 'Sauvage,' a fitting French term that translates to 'wild' or 'natural.'

If you're a fan of more low-key sneakers and appearances, then this shoe certainly isn't for you as this model pretty much guarantees that eyes will fixated on your feet. However, if you do enjoy strolling on the wild side and wearing goods that are beyond the comprehension of most normal folk, then this pair is certainly for you. Head over to Rock City Kicks now if you already have plans of freaking these in your own unique way. Just be ready to pony up a cool $250.