The $1 billion sneaker resell market is dominated by resellers, but according to one of the industry's most seasoned vets, it's actually the buyers who are influencing prices the most.

"You're kind of fucking it up for everyone else because of the fact that you will pay quadruple the price for it," Jeff Staple told Sneaker Watch.

"You're now allowing that market to thrive. It's kind of like gentrification on real estate; you're ruining it for everyone who has been there since day one. And now you come in and are ready to pay whatever, you're sort of ruining it for everyone else who's actually a fan of the shoe."

He's got a point. Without buyers who are willing to pay absurd prices for hyped sneakers, the resell market would take a serious hit, if not cease to exist altogether. The only question is, are people actually going to take these words to heart and change their spending habits? Unfortunately, we kind of doubt it.