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Just when you thought Nike was chilling, they come back right and punch you in your goddamn face with that heat. Through the many back channels of the sneaker game that always include some smart, strategic leaking, we have our best look yet at the Flyknit Air Force 1. As if the upcoming Flyknit Air Prestos weren't enough, Nike is dropping its now signature technology onto just about every silhouette it seems and we couldn't be more stoked. It'll be exceedingly interesting here on the AF1especially because of how chunky and substantial the upper is. This is really the first time we've seen Flyknit applied to what can best be described as a lifestyle shoe versus something geared toward performance. The typical thin layer of Flyknit wouldn't seem enough to maintain the structural integrity of such a weighty shoe, but based on these pics, the mad scientists in Beaverton seemed to have figured out a way to make it work exceedingly well as per usual. Listen, it's probably not as breathable or flexible as what you'd expect on, say, a Flyknit Racer, but we'll take anything we can get when the end product looks this fucking fire. No word on release yet, but the typical estimate is for S/S 16. You might want to start hitting up your plug now because you know the initial drop is going to sit on shelves for approximately .10 seconds before this even remotely touches general release status.

[Photos via Instagram/Lequan306]