Diadora's '90s-centric retro campaign continues this week with the launch of the V.7000 ""Espresso Ristretto."

Picking up where the N.9000 and S.8000 "Espresso Ristretto" models left off, the V.7000 will be re-introduced in its O.G. Italian-made form. The white, black, and green colorway features materials like Nylonfix and Japanese suede and has been faithfully reproduced right down to the packaging.

Accompanying the release of the sneaker will be a Azzurri collection tracksuit, which is culled directly from the brand's 1990 catalog and is also made in Italy. 

Check out a behind the scenes look at the making of the sneakers in the clip below and watch out for both the "Espresso Ristretto" V.7000 and the Azzurri collection tracksuit to hit Diadora's website and NYC's Extra Butter on Friday, November 13.