If you were trying to cop the "Doernbecher" Jordan XIIIs last weekend, you know just how hard it was to actually get a pair. 

Due to the limited distribution, many of us were forced to cross our fingers for one of Nike's drawings, battle it out with the bots on Nikestore and SNKRS, or a combination of both. However, for those 'heads lucky enough to reside near one of the select Villa locations that stocked the collection, the process was a bit different. 

In the clip above, you'll the steps that one sneakerhead had to take for a chance to cop a pair through Villa's scavenger hunt. From tracking down city landmarks to buying kid's toys for charity, the road to "Doernbecher" Js wasn't an easy one, but it looks like it paid off in the end. Hit the play button to watch it all unfold.