Adidas announced its plans for 3D printing sneakers last month with what it's calling Futurecraft. A lot of people freaked out at the prospect of such futurism. I got to hold the Futurecraft Ultra Boost a few days later and it was pretty fucking dope (ayy follow me on Instagram). So yeah, the future is bright, but Adidas wants to bring something to the here and now thanks to a similar project that it's done on a pair of Adidas Superstars. Using CNC machining on leather—a process typically used to cut precise lines into metal or resin for car parts and other heavy-duty shit—it's created a seamless, one-piece upper. Check out the video. These aren't just for show either. There will be 45 pairs of these joints actually available to buy at Dover Street Market this Saturday, November 7th, in New York, London and Tokyo for $500 each. Which, if you think about it, is actually a pretty fair price to get to wear the same kicks as George Jetson. While this run won't be totally customizable for each person like how Futurecraft was originally advertised, that is still coming soon—probably within our lifetime if we're lucky.