Unfortunately, we aren't all cut out to be sneaker resellers. Flipping a few pairs to your friends is one thing, but turning the practice into a lucrative business is a whole other story.

Making it as a reseller requires a ton of disposable income, patience, social skills, and in many cases, luck, and that's just the beginning. In order to better understand some of the intricacies of this hustle, Campless profiled an anonymous New York reseller and he actually spilled a few of his trade secrets.

Back when Nike used its Twitter RSVP method for big releases, this reseller found a clever way to get around the brand's one-per-customer policy. The first step was to rely on a trusty bot to lock down the RSVPs, which usually went off without a hitch. From there, he needed a way to actually pick the shoes up from the store.

For this step, the reseller made use of the website TaskRabbit, an on-demand servicer that allows users to assign errands and tasks to other people in their area for a fee.

Instead of paying each person to wait in line, the reseller did the hard work and called upon his "Rabbits" only when he was nearing the front of the line. They'd then take his place, buy the sneakers with their own ID, and return them to the reseller, who at this point had already restarted the process by queuing up at the end of the line.

Say what you will about resellers, it's hard to deny the ingenuity at work here. For more confessions straight from the horse's mouth, head over to Campless now.

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