There's no way around it — skateboarding can do a number on your sneakers. While skaters have been wearing heat since the late '80s, the Internet age has spawned a trend of purposely destroying valuable sneakers while shredding. But what if you could go as hard as you wanted without ruining your prized kicks? 

This invention aims to do just that. Through the use of Velcro, this "protection kit" affixes to the sneaker and allows skaters to go all-out with the assurance that "no wearout will be visible on the shoe."

It seems cool in theory, and we can always get behind something that will extend the life of our sneakers, but come on man, really? Things like this completely go against the rebellious spirit of skating. Do you really think any serious skateboarder is going to be this worried about what's on their feet?

Unless they're Supreme x Air Jordan Vs, the answer is "probably not." 

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