i-D got the exclusive first look at the new Palace x Adidas F/W 15 collection and, boy fucking howdy, it is damn good. In between all the jokes about the drop that Palace's Lev Tanju tells—like that they'd just discovered zippers and think velcro is magic—he talks about the creative freedom that the Adidas team gives Palace. And you can clearly see that freedom here. There's a lot of tweaks, wonkiness and general quirk that makes this collaboration so on brand for Palace: the three stripes running up the inner arm, technicolor tie-dye hoodies, sporty stripes and reversible puffer jackets. As Palace can only pull off, it's futuristic and retro at the same damn time. Fortunately, you don't have to wait very long either. Palace x Adidas F/W 15 releases this Saturday, October 24th, on Palace's webstore.

[Photos via i-D]