The auction for the O.G. Nike Mags that were actually worn by Michael J. Fox Back to the Future Part II has now ended, bringing in a total of $84,000.

While that's probably more than any of us will ever spend on a single pair of sneakers, it actually pales in comparison to some of the other Hollywood memorabilia that was sold by Profiles In History.

For example, an original screen-used Rebel "Blockade Runner" filming miniature from Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope brought in an astounding $450,000. Elsewhere, a "Superman" costume worn by George Reeves in the 1950s amassed $216,000.

While the Mags were certainly pricey, it's reassuring to know that us sneakerheads aren't the only ones who will blow enormous amounts of cash on collectibles. Well, did you cop anything?