Artists have looked to footwear design for inspiration, often recreating elements of sneakers into pieces that connect with shoe enthusiasts and those with a general interest in what they lace up on their feet. One of these works of art is what British artist Phil Robson, more commonly known as Filfury, whipped up in 2013. He took the Nike Air Max 90 "Infrared" and Air Classic BW "Persian" and turned them into handguns. It just so happens that Nike wasn't a fan, though.

In a recent interview with Sneaker Freaker, Robson says, in reference to the guns, "I can’t say. It’s BANNED. Cease and desist… (cough)."

Oddly enough, however, Robson states that he ended up working on official campaigns with Nike after this incident. "Funny story though, as it did lead to official collabs with Nike Basketball. Funny old world it is," he says.

Since then, Robson has still worked on reinterpreting other sneakers: turning Reebok Ventilators into skulls, Nike Mags into fox heads, and a pair of the size? x Nike Air Max 93s into a butterfly.

Looks as if his prior designs packed too much heat.