Jordan Brand, at least on the roundup of sneaker blogs, is the most important aspect of Nike's business. Although that's not entirely true, the Nike offshoot has a loyal following and, according to the brand's CEO, Mark Parker, has a huge opportunity for growth.

In a speech prepared for the Nike 2015 Investor Day, Parker said, "There’s never been more potential for [Jordan Brand]."

This quote was in reference to Jordan being widely popular amongst males in North America, but not having as much interest overseas, where basketball isn't the biggest sport, nor are basketball sneakers.

"It’s time for the Jordan brand to spread its wings and grow beyond the sport of basketball," Parker said.

In recent times, Jordan has expanded its offerings to include running and training sneakers, even making exclusive product for the European market. Michael Jordan himself was been in China as of late, pitching the company to a hungry consumer base.

As Parker says, "Michael Jordan’s legend transcends sport and culture. He’s by all definition a living icon."

That fact is part of the appeal of the brand, even if it doesn't involve footwear models that Jordan wore during his playing days.