Almost everybody loves and wears Jordans, but the sportswear giant definitely knows its core target audience is men. Females have largely been left out from wearing Jordan Brand products, despite several releases exclusively for women. While men wish those few exclusives were made in bigger sizes, female sneakerheads surely have a much longer wish list of sneakers made in smaller sizes. Michael Jordan hopes to change that by offering more products geared towards women.

According to Chicago Business, Nike's vision for Jordan Brand is to expand beyond basketball with the goal of doubling sales to $4.5 billion by 2020. Targeting female consumers is one of Jordan Brand's tactics for reaching the goal. For years, women have had to resort to grade school sized sneakers or not wear Jordans at all, which has caused them to choose another brand for athletic footwear altogether. With more merchandise specifically for women, Jordan brand will surely gain more revenue.

The report also stated that Jordan Brand will also target consumers in their 20s and make gear for other sports such as running. 

“The millennial, for the most part, never saw Michael play," said Neil Schwartz, Vice President for Market Insights at research firm SportsOneSource. "These are the folks who are right now at the forefront of consumer spending.”

Michael Jordan's name alone is enough to sell merchandise, but it'll be interesting to see if the brand's new initiatives can take it to the next level.