Stephon Marbury took to social media last week to express his disdain towards Michael Jordan and his iconic shoe line. He accused the Hall of Famer of "robbing the hood" and being a catalyst of teenage violence in America for decades because of the price points placed on his sneakers.  As an alternative, the Coney Island native plans to re-release his "Starbury" line that originally hit shelves at former retailer Steve & Barry back in 2006.

The Starbury is priced at $15 so that children of all economic statuses have equal opportunity to purchase his shoes. Marbury's efforts in providing children with an affordable pair of sneakers should be applauded. However, he needs to be cognizant of the fact that no matter how much he slanders MJ or underprices his own sneaker, he’ll never be in the same conversation as His Airness, and here’s why.