To call Jeff Staple an O.G. sneakerhead would be an understatement. The man behind the Staple brand has been doing this, with a resume that speaks for itself. Now, in a new interview with Sneaker Watch, he's shedding light on the contents of his sneaker collection as well as sharing his future plans for the prolific stash. 

For starters, Staple estimates that he's spent as much as $500,000 on sneakers in his life. And although his collection was downsized after donating a ton of shoes around the year 2000, he's built it back up to over 2,000 pairs today, with an estimated 200 in regular rotation and the remainder in storage. 

However, it's not the collection itself that's shocking, but rather what he plans to do with it. "I think one day, what I'd like to do is like donate it all to a design museum, of like, 'The Curated View of Jeff's Shoe Collection,'" Staple said.

How dope would that be? Check out the full interview in the clip above.