In a new interview with Sports Illustrated, Chris Paul admits that he's developed quite an obsession with NIKEiD and custom colorways. This isn't too much of a surprise, as we've seen him flex in exclusive styles on a number of occasions, but we had no idea that he was this passionate about his designs. 

"No one is on NIKEiD more than I am. I'm serious," Paul said. "The meetings I have and involvement I have with NIKEiD has been unbelievable...  I'll never forget when my VIIs were on iD and I was on an iPad and calling my Mom, telling her to pick a color. Then my Dad. I ended up making a pair of shoes for everyone who worked for me."

Customized CP3s from CP3 himself sounds like a pretty swell perk to us. So, just how many different colorways does he wear throughout an NBA season? "Oh man, almost 82," Paul said.

Elsewhere in the interview, Paul touches on the evolution of the Jordan CP3 line and the amount of input he has in the design of each sneaker. "I'm really big into the comfort aspect of my shoe... I try to design a shoe that is wearable straight from the store — take them out of the box and go play," he said. Meanwhile, he says his favorite part of the design process is adding hidden details and nuances throughout the shoes. 

To read the complete interview, head over to Sports Illustrated now and be sure to cop your CP3.IXs today for $125 ("Emerald") or $175 (NIKEiD).