A Brooklyn man decided that he was done with the sneaker game and in an impromptu move, sold a good portion of his sneaker collection from the stoop of his house for a mere $40 a pair.

Michael Dolan, who goes by the name EvilPRGuy on social media, took to his Twitter and tweeted out a photo of a stack of sneakers with a sign that read, "Kicks $40 bucks." Dolan, who also posted what he'd done on Reddit, explained that the main reason he did this was to give kids that normally wouldn't have been able to afford these sneakers a chance at owning them. He went on to state, "I'm lucky, I have a lot. I saw a lot of happy kids walk away with stuff they would have a hard time getting. The only reason I didn't give them away was it's Brooklyn. You say it's free and one dude is going to pull up in a truck, take everything and eBay it. A small price and people who really want them got them."

When everything was said and done, Dolan had moved around 60 pairs. Some of the pairs that got sold included an assortment of Jordans including the XIV Retro "Ferrari," Spizikes, Labs, and various Nikes. But if that wasn't enough, Dolan also planned on leaving 10 pairs for free today at one of his local area basketball courts. Turns out this evil PR guy isn't quite so evil after all.

Respect to you, Mr. Dolan.