Supreme's Air Jordan collaboration has gotten a lot of attention lately — and rightfully so — but they're not the first non-O.G. Jordan V colorway to bring in serious cash on the resell market.

It may sound hard to believe now, but when the "Raging Bull" pack — also known as the "Toro Bravo" — released in 2009, they were actually pretty easy to cop. However, it didn't take long for the beasts to take notice, and the "Red Suede" version quickly became grail status for many. With its increased status came heavy price fluctuations, too, and today, pairs sell for just south of a stack.

As always, the newfound hype brought along a proliferation​ of fakes, and the unauthorized manufacturers are still pumping out pairs to this very day. In order to keep 'heads from getting burned, @fake_education has once again put together an informative guide that illustrates the differences you should be watching out for. Without further ado, here's How to Tell if Your "Raging Bull" Jordan Vs Are Real or Fake​.

One of the first and most obvious things 'heads should be wary of is the translucent outsole. Considering that the real "Raging Bull" Vs dropped in 2009, there should definitely be some noticeable yellowing going on. If your pair is too blue, you probably got got.

From the side profile, the netting on a legitimate pair should have a milky, cloudy look, while the fakes are going to be much more clear. Notice the variation of the outsoles here, too.

The "23" script towards the rear should be around a centimeter above the midsole, while the fake versions are placed too closely.

Meanwhile, the "23" script itself should have sharp, clearly defined edges. The fake pairs are rounded and look like a completely different font.

Notice the white portion of the midsole's "shark teeth." The fake pair is disjointed with a nearly straight line, while the authentic version flows evenly and follows the angles of the red teeth. 

Finally, at the tongue, the differences are less apparent. @fake_education notes that this is often a clear giveaway on Jordan Vs, but due to the mold and overall craftsmanship of this particular pair, the tongues will often look the same on both fake and real versions.