Over the summer, we chatted with adidas exec Eric Liedtke and discussed some of the steps that adidas has been taking in its push towards U.S. sneaker production. In the interview, Liedtke mentioned that the brand had plans to open its first "automated footwear factory in the first quarter of 2016," and now we're able to report that the wheels are officially in motion.

According to Footwear News, the brand signed a deal with German engineering firm Manz that will provide adidas with the necessary technology and components to open the automated plant, which adidas calls a Speedfactory, in Ansbach, Germany. Slated to open right on target in early 2016, this factory will allow for an unprecedented level of production that is quicker, greener, and more customizable than ever.

But that's not all — Venture Capitalist Post adds that the first U.S. factory of its kind is on the way, too. The plan is that the first Speedfactory in Germany will be fully integrated with its U.S. counterpart by the year 2020.

"Speed wins in every sport," Liedtke said. "And speed is a competitive advantage in our industry, too. Therefore, we are looking forward to working closely with Manz AG as part of our Speedfactory initiative that will allow us to bring production closer to our consumer."

Just in case you weren't yet convinced, the future is now. With adidas looking to make an impact in the U.S., this could be just what it needs to turn the tide. Stay tuned for more.