This partnership might come as something of a small shock if you're only looking at surface level connections, but A Kind Of Guise and Adidas are both German companies, so they had a natural affinity for one another (that's how that shit works, right?) and thus, have teamed up for a small capsule collection that includes a couple of clothing items and a two pairs of sneakers. Let's start with the clothing: There are a couple of wool sweaters in white and black and a dope coach's jacket done in a waffle pique fabric. That's a strong, minimal jacket to add to your ever-expanding lineup for the fall. The sneakers are the New York model, made in Germany and outfitted in the aforementioned waffle pique for added texture. Throughout the whole set is the motif of oak trees, which is the reason for the headline assuming you gave a fuck. See, in German culture, the oak tree is a symbol of loyalty and stability, something you know nothing about. A Kind of Guise x Adidas hits select Adidas Consortium accounts on October 31st.

[Photos via Hanon]