Remember those "Yeezy Boost" Nike Roshe customs that surfaced around the release of the "Turtle" 350s? It looks like one counterfeit manufacturer got a little ahead of itself, because the design has just popped up on a website that sells fakes.

This isn't the first time a custom sneaker has been ripped off by replica makers, but the act of recreating a fugazi version of a custom sneaker that's actually meant to look like another sneaker has us tangled in a web of fake sneaker Inception. 

It gets worse — for some reason, they also thought it would be a good idea to make a pink version, which has obviously never existed in any form until this. Fake sellers are notorious for being shameless, but this is a whole new level of awful.

Check out the real version below, then scroll down for more images of the imitations.

Image via @amaccustoms