Success is defined in many ways. For some it amounts to wealth and material comfort, while for others it’s about turning a vision into an actuality. One field where those two definitions tend to intersect frequently is the film industry, where creators hop between commercial and passion projects with regularity. 

For example, filmmaker David Friendly had served as a producer on a series of commercial hits, covering comedy, action, and romance, before he found himself nominated for an Academy Award™ as a producer of the smash-hit independent film Little Miss Sunshine. Now, Friendly has followed his inspiration into completely new territory; he has tapped into his innate interest in the world’s sub-cultures (and in original adidas Superstars) to write, produce, and co-direct a documentary about the global sneaker game. The film, Sneakerheadz, is an achievement that will be celebrated by sneaker lovers everywhere.

A special screening of Sneakerheadz was held at The Sprite Corner on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, on August 23. The fans in attendance loved the film, as well as the chance for a Q&A with Mr. Friendly and Complex’s own sneaker authority Russ Bengston (who is featured in the film). Click the video above to watch our exclusive interview with David Friendly, wherein he discusses what has driven him throughout his hugely successful career, and what, specifically, inspired him to make the leap into creating Sneakerheadz.