Kanye West has an undeniable impact on how people feel about sneakers, whether experts will admit it or not. To get to the core of this debate, Jacques Slade, Nick Engvall, and Brandon Edler — three familiar names for Complex readers — sat down and had a talk about whether Kanye is as big of a deal as some claim.

From his Louis Vuitton collaborations to his Nike Yeezys and now his partnership with adidasKanye has continued to captivate the footwear world, but there are still doubters of whether he's able to affect the footwear industry on a large-scale basis. Edler and Engvall both bring up points in their talk, from how Kanye has drawn interest in sneakers he's simply worn to making adidas' Boost technology a must-try experience — and it's worth a listen.

The show's insightful commentary includes the group's thoughts on the upcoming Kanye collection, adidas Originals, and what people can expect from adidas this Black Friday. Watch the video above.