It pains us to even write these stories, but another teenager has been robbed for his sneakers after arranging a deal on Facebook.

The Morning Call reports that a juvenile victim from Allentown, Penn. was robbed at gunpoint by three teens ages 15 through 19. Three pairs of Jordan sneakers were stolen, although it isn't specified which models they were — then again, does it really matter at this point?

According to police, the unnamed victim had posted sneakers and clothing for sale on Facebook and was contacted by Anthony M. Valentin, 15. The victim arrived to the meet-up location only to be met by Valentin and two more teens, 15-year-old Shamree D. Clark and 19-year-old Javon S. Gordon.

Police say Gordon took the victim to the ground while Valentin pulled out a gun and told the victim "give me your shoes." It's easy to guess what happened from there, as the three thieves made off with the sneakers along with hats, belts, a backpack, and a cell phone. 

But the real kicker here is that police quickly tracked down the robbers and printed out the Facebook conversation in question, leaving the perps with little room to argue. You played yourself, fam.