Lately, sneaker-related violence seems to happen on a near-daily basis, but this story coming out of Little Rock, Ark. is one of the most appalling cases we've heard so far.

Arkansas Online reports that three teenage boys — ages 13, 15, and 15 — were robbed after trying to buy sneakers in a local park. According to police, the teens had planned to meet with a man they knew as "Jaylon," who instead led them into a bathroom, which should have been a red flag from the jump. 

"Jaylon" then pulled a gun on the three teens while another man appeared with an AK-47. The robbers assaulted two of the three boys and stole their sneakers and cell phones before fleeing the area. Police arrived shortly thereafter and spotted two suspects before losing them on foot. 

Although it's not clear how the meet-up was planned, we wouldn't be surprised if this is yet another case of a social media deal gone wrong. Be careful who you do business with, kids.