Last summer, Stampd L.A. served up one of the 2015's best Puma sneakers with its "Whispering White" bone-colored R698s. It was an understated yet ultra clean collab, and now we're learning that the streetwear brand will revisit this concept for Fall 2015.

Set to drop alongside an impressive range of co-branded apparel, this collection includes two new looks for the Stampd x Puma R698: black and "Drizzle" grey. They're the sort of colors that lend themselves well to the subtly branded silhouette, and they're also the sort of tones you can easily wear throughout fall and winter.

This two-sneaker pack is just around the corner with a release slated for Saturday, October 3 at $140 apiece. You can view the entire collection at Stampd's website here.