The "OVO" Air Jordan Xs finally released this past Saturday, and they've dominated headlines as of late. But there's another pair of Air Jordans made for Drake and his crew that haven't come out yet: The "OVO" Air Jordan XIIs, which first surfaced in late 2013. There are currently a couple of pairs available on eBay, but they won't be cheap, with going prices of over $8,000.

There are two pairs of the white-and-gold sneakers on the online marketplace — one size 9, the other a 13 — and it's unsure if they'll ever be available on a wider scale for the public.

The crazy thing, though, is that the size 13 pair says in the description, "Brand New - Deadstock (only tried-on)," which, as most of us know, does not make them deadstock. It's the reason why Derek Curry, the owner of Sneaker Politics, made his customers try on their "OVO" Xs before they purchased them. 

Discrepancies aside, it will be interesting to see if there's someone willing to shell out the big bucks for these sneakers.