For unknown reasons, the Nike Air Max BW in "Persian Violet" is one of the most-revered and slept on Nike runners. It doesn't grasp the same attention as the Air Max 1, 90, or 95, although it should. But it's turning 25 in 2016, and it looks like Nike already has plans to give the sneaker a proper retro, much like the "Infrared" 90s and "Neon" 95s this year.

The first evidence of this happening is a "Snakeskin" pair of the "Persian" BWs that has surfaced online. The "Neon" 95s and "Infrared" 90s both received several different material makeups in addition to the re-release of the original colorways this year, so it's not surprising to see Nike do this to the BW, too.

Let's hope the "O.G." pair is produced as well.



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