An unusual sneaker influencer has emerged out of North Korea and it's none other than dictator Kim Jong-un. The supreme leader recently made a visit to the flood-damaged city of Rason, but it's what was on his feet that has been getting most of the attention.

Daily NK reports that the leader's sneakers were worn specifically to paint him as a "loving leader" of the people. The deal here is that Jong-un's shoes look a lot like those worn by the area's commoners, but in reality they're actually a higher quality version made in a special factory. 

"Sneakers like that are worn by average people on a daily basis, but the ones produced from Sinuiju are known for having better quality and style," a source told Daily NK

But here's the weirdest part. "Sinuiju shoes," as they called, come in two different styles. There's the blue mixed fabric pair worn by Jong-un, known as "daebali," which translates to "big foot." Meanwhile, there's a black version made of polyester that are called "sobali," or "small foot." Yeah — don't ask.

Although this is about as bizarre of a sneaker story as you'll find, we're intrigued to see where it goes from here. Air Jong-uns, anyone?


Image via Daily NK


Image via Daily NK