With its fully-loaded Boost midsole and sleek, casual-friendly design, the adidas Ultra Boost has already made a strong case for the best sneaker of 2015. Still, the year's far from over, and it looks like the brand may have actually found a way to improve the beloved runner.

Previewed by Japan's Edition are three new wool-equipped styles of the Ultra Boost. Available in burgundy, black, and grey, these new versions feature wool yarn knitted into the uppers for added warmth as temperatures begin to fall.

Despite the change in materials, the sneaker remains breathable thanks to Primeknit's ventilated construction. Aesthetically, there's no noticeable difference between these and the originals, which is very much a good thing since the design is almost flawless to begin with. 

Unfortunately, there's no word on when these wool versions will arrive in the States. With fall just a little over two weeks away, we're hoping that they pop up sooner than later.