Earlier this week, we reported that James Harden was recently spotted wearing Air Jordans despite his $200M adidas contract. Now, the president of adidas North America tells ESPN that Harden must stop wearing the competition's sneakers after his deal begins in October.

"That's part of the deal," Mark King said. "The difference between football and basketball is that a guy like Aaron Rodgers doesn't have a walk-around shoe. Harden does, and he will be in our lifestyle stuff."

It's not clear if King's comments mean that Harden will get his own lifestyle sneaker or if he's just referring to casual models like the Tubular and Yeezy Boost lines, but either way, it sounds like he's laying down the law.

Don't be surprised if that's the last time you see James Harden rocking Js — at least for the next 13 years.