We love us a good rip-off here at Four Pins. Typically done by fast fashion giants to distill expensive runway designs for the masses, sometimes you get the rare peer-to-peer knockoff, which is exactly why Adidas is trying to sue the pants off of Skechers for jacking the iconic Stan Smith model, according to sports business douchebag idiot king Darren Rovell. You can see a quick comparison between the two sneakers above. The resemblance is more than obvious, though fashion copyright and patent cases are always way tougher to actually litigate than one would figure they are.

Shit, if you search for "Stan Smith" on the Skechers website, the model shows up as the only search result. There's no mystery about that one. Skechers also got some flak for suing Steve Madden over a shoe design earlier this year, which itself was another rip-off of the Nike Air Woven. This shit is quickly becoming no new ideas inception. Maybe they should just stick to what they know and continue to rake in money off middle-aged moms. Adidas hit up Complex Sneakers with a statement that basically says this nonsense needs to stop and a big aspect of the smoking gun is the fact that you can search "Adidas Originals" on the Skechers site and be redirected to similar shoes. Damn, Skechers truly has no shame.