Jordan Roschwalb, the New York native and ring leader behind cult pin brand Pintrill, has transformed the pin world into the catalyst behind the rebirth of accessories within sneaker culture. Though their rise to stardom has been well documented, Roschwalb made it clear that he is not satisfied, and Pintrill​​'s latest collection of sneaker-inspired pins personifies this notion to reach beyond its wildest hypebeast dreams.

Entrenched in an office filled with thousands of vintage pins ranging from his early days of collecting to his company's latest creations, Roschwalb calmly takes a few business calls before speaking to me about this upcoming release. Though he has collaborated with some of our favorite brands and artists, Roschwalb is just a normal dude with a vision to take Pintrill, and pins in general, to the next level.

Pintrill has been on a winning streak lately thanks to its involvement with various pin projects including the Jordan Brand "Hare Jordan" collection, a commemorative pack celebrating the return of the OG Nike Air Max 95, as well as a pin inspired by the adidas Yeezy 750 Boost. With no signs of letting up, Roschwalb is back to introduce the inaugural Pintrill Sneaker Collection I that draws inspiration from some of the most influential sneaker silhouettes by high-end fashion designers.

These pins give people who don’t necessarily have the means to buy expensive sneakers a vessel to represent that moment.
—Jordan roschwalb

Sneaker Collection I includes reimagined makeups from Kanye West x Louis Vuitton V "Jaspers," Jeremy Scott x adidas originals "Wings," to the daring Hood By Air x Forfex boot, which is essentially a Timberland sneaker mashup. Additionally, some of the most popular silhouettes from Rick Owens, Y-3, Visvim, Givenchy, Margiela, and Comme des Garçons make an appearance.

There are many things this collection aims to accomplish, but one of those goals is a hallmark of today's sneaker landscape. "Luxury through exclusivity. When we do something like these sneaker pins, it gives us the ability to see how die-hard our fans are. How much of a pin fan are you? How much of a sneaker fan are you?" Roschwalb explained. "All of these sneaker designs pushed the envelope. They weren't all necessarily trendsetters, but they were outliers. Pins have always been an outlier in sneaker culture. These pins give people who don’t necessarily have the means [or want] to buy expensive sneakers a vessel to represent that moment."

But the lifestyle accessory brand has loftier goals than just dope sneakers. "I want to make a 100,000 pin order for Disney. That would be truly amazing," Roschwalb said when asked about his aspirations. Roschwalb's incredible work ethic combined with a genuine love of what he does, and being surrounded by a dedicated team, has established Pintrill as a dominant force in the world of pin accessories.  

All 16 pins in the Pintrill​ Sneaker Collection I will drop today in limited quantities at 12 p.m. EST here. Each pin will retail at $15, but can also be purchased as a complete set for $150. Cop two or more pins and a customized Pintrill​ made in America pigskin dust bag will be included as well.

The "Yeezy Boost 2" pin will also be available exclusively at Roc N' Sole located in Brooklyn, NY.