Nike's power-lacing equipped 2015 Mag release is still in the works, but in the meantime, one dedicated Back to the Future fan is doing his part to make replica pairs more realistic.

It's an arduous process, but Brad Fyfe, a member of online movie prop community RPF, has been altering Made in China Mag replicas in effort to make them both look and function like the real deal.

Fyfe has covered every detail from swapping out faulty, cheap LED lights in the replicas to actually re-shaping the toe boxes to give them a more accurate tapered slant. The results are impressive, and although most 'heads would probably still be able to spot the differences, we have to give him props for turning trash into what some might consider treasure. 

If you just can't wait for Nike's official re-release or are interested in learning more about Fyfe's work, you can visit his YouTube page to find tutorials on how you can pull off this conversion at home.