Tennis gear has always been cool, but it's always been in a more low-key manner. Polo shirts, shorts, and tennis shoes have been about understated details and melding the world of performance sport in a presentable fashion. Everyone from rappers to soccer hooligans have loved tennis gear, and Nike is ready to bring back some of the more exciting pieces to the style genre with the U.S. Open around the corner.

In a partnership with New York City sneaker boutique Kith, Nike is ready to re-launch its NikeCourt collection, which consists of tennis shorts and T-shirts, but also two of the most memorable sneakers of the '90s: the Andre Agassi's Air Tech Challenge III and Peter Sampras' Air Oscillate, two sneakers that couldn't be more different and were made to represent two opposite personalities.

The collection will be available at Kith's Brooklyn location, which happens to reopen tomorrow and is also selling a cereal inspired by Andre Agassi. The collection is also available on Nike's website. That's love.