UPDATE (August 29, 1:38 p.m.):

Ashton Eaton, the inspiration behind Nike's Ice Hat, was seen wearing one of these cooling units while setting a new world record in the 1,500 meters race.


See original story from July 27, 2015, below.

Nike has been successful as a brand because it always stays on the forefront of innovation within the athletic sphere, not afraid to try things that are uncomfortable and daring. This mindset just doesn't relate to the company's footwear, but to everything it creates. The latest mind-boggling idea comes the way of something built to help athletes recover.

Called the "Ice Hat," Nike has made a prototype of a mask that lets athletes cool down on the sidelines. The idea came from Nike's conversations with Olympic champion Ashton Eaton to find a better way to rejuvenate when not partaking in sport. The result was a mask that, according to Nike, that has, "Inner layers designed to retain cool water without leaking. At the same time, a structural frame around the eyes keeps cold portions in place and close to the face while maintaining a secure fit."

The design is still in the early stages, but VP of Special Projects, Nike Innovation Sandy Bodecker said, "Simply put, the hood concentrates a cold mass out of an icebox, covering the face, head and neck, and allows a gradual and effective cooling of the head."

He goes on to add, "This is innovation in the making. We continue to work with Ashton on each iteration of the hood, and we plan to perfect this idea as we approach the next 18 months of elite track and field competition."

How long will it be before adidas starts to make one of these for Kanye to wear on the stage?