The storage of someone's sneakers is just as much of a considered decision as what pairs to wear. People go to lengthy ends to build custom shelving units to house their sneakers, but LaMarcus Aldridge takes this concept to a new extreme.

Aldridge, who recently signed a deal with the San Antonio Spurs and Jordan Brand, built a house in Dallas and quickly filled up his allotted space for sneakers. As he tells SLAM, "I put in a pretty massive closet and I have a huge shoe section in the middle. I filled it up within a couple of weeks of being home. I have probably a 100 inside, I have about 50 on the top, and now I'm starting to put them on the floor."


Then Aldridge goes on to say, "I'm in the process of building a separate house, behind my house, just for shoes."

That's serious dedication to an addiction.

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