There's something of a sneaker store revolution going down in Hungary, as a newly-opened shop is looking to change the way people buy their kicks.

Footure has replaced the walls of sneakers found in traditional shops with iPads, allowing customers to electronically browse the store's selection through an integrated app and place their orders right there with the touch of a button. The order is then sent to a store associate who delivers the shoes to a fitting room where shoppers can then decide if they want to make the purchase. 

The result is not only one of the most interesting takes on sneaker shopping we've seen, but also one of the friendliest. Customers are able to enter their preferred name in the app and are then greeted by the salesperson, turning everyday sneaker shopping into a personalized experience.

Check out the app in action below, along with some photos of Footure's grand opening, and stay tuned to find out of this technology makes its way stateside.