Everyone knows the best part about back to school season is breaking out a dope pair of sneakers for the start of classes, but a freshman from Sacramento, Calif. almost lost his chance at first-day flexing, NEWS10 reports

Katie Winkler had just bought her son, Jamal, a brand new pair of white-on-white Nike Air Force 1s. "I've been wanting those shoes for so long," Jamal said.

The single mother of four was reluctant to drop almost $100 on one pair, but finally gave in to Jamal's pleading. "It's kind of a big deal, and he pretty much begged me — almost to the point of being on his knees — to get him these shoes," Winkler said.

They ended up buying a pair from Finish Line, but then, when Jamal sat the kicks down to help his brother pick out sneakers, someone snatched the pair and took off.  Winkler and Jamal searched the mall and the parking lot to no avail, and since she couldn't afford another pair, it looked like Jamal would have to start school without his prized kicks.

That's when three Finish Line employees stepped in to save the day. They pooled their money to replace Jamal's stolen kicks, and the freshman learned a valuable lesson along the way.

"Nobody is coming close to my shoes," Jamal said. We feel you, fam.