If you didn't know, we're in the midst of Elvis Week, a celebration of singer Elvis Presley's life and contributions to music. As part of the festivities, many items will be auctioned off from his Graceland estate in Memphis, Tenn. beginning today. There's jackets, guitars, handguns, and more, but what really caught our attention was a pair of sneakers.

Originally released in 1956, a pair of canvas Elvis Presley sneakers will hit the auction block in like-new condition complete with their original packaging. According to Graceland Auctions, the original owner kept them in the box instead of wearing them — long before "one to rock, one to stock" was ever a thing. However, the biggest shocker is that the aged kicks are expected to bring in as much as $6,000, according to ABC News.

The sneakers themselves are actually doper than you might expect, and the fact that the original box was kept in such immaculate shape is impressive. If you're looking to own a true piece of sneaker history, head over to Graceland Auctions to place your bid now. Bidding is currently at $3,000 as of this writing.