Calvin Klein's knits are usually reserved for undergarments, but it may be hitching a ride on the knitted sneaker wave, too.

At least that's what it looks like in this image posted by a Reddit user, which depicts a Calvin Klein shoe that looks exactly like the Nike Flyknit Trainer.

The entire design appears to be directly jacked from Nike's sneaker, right down to the Flywire cables and intricate knit pattern. In fact, the only thing that really sets these apart from the real Flyknit Trainer is the chunky midsole and Calvin Klein logos at the heel and tongue. 

It's not immediately clear if these are an actual Calvin Klein sneaker or simply a bizarre fake that copied two brands at the same time — we're leaning towards the latter — but either way, these are one of the worst "homages" we've seen yet. See Nike's design below.

Image via Kicks Deals