Credit where credit's due: Kanye wasn't lying when he promised more production and releases for his new sneaker line with adidas. Today's "Black" Yeezy Boost 350 marks the third adidas Yeezy drop since February. Which is to say, it's the third time adidas' Confirmed app completely bricked it. For every lucky trigger finger who got through and scored the pirate's booty, 350 other people were met with frustrating glitches and endless standby countdown screens.

Being on the standby screen is one thing, but scores of users were met with teases like getting to the reserve screen only to be bounced back, and in some cases phone screens went completely black. And not black with the image of Boosts in cart. Of course, whenever a sneaker release gets hectic, the rage is expressed on Twitter in hilarious fashion.

Peep a handful of expletives and fury hurled at adidas and Yeezus from empty-handed fans tweeting through the feels. See you on the eBay wave.